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Thank you for visiting Garden Gear & Select Concrete and Exposed

“Garden Gear” together with our concrete division “Select Concrete & Exposed” is a supplier of concrete, landscaping, and garden materials. We are known as the mini mix concreate specialist!


Thank you for visiting Garden Gear & Select Concrete and Exposed

“Garden Gear” together with our concrete division “Select Concrete & Exposed” is a supplier of concrete, landscaping, and garden materials. We are known as the mini mix concreate specialist!


 Discover Garden Gears full range of Garden & Building Supplies and our Minimix concreting service ready to help you with yout next project.

Google Reviews

  • Michael Jones Avatar
    Michael Jones
    8/12/2022 - Google

    Busy with a lot women singing karaoke.

    Michelle Montalti Avatar
    Michelle Montalti
    8/05/2022 - Google

    Staff are always polite and helpful. Great range of products and prices are competitive.

    Michelle Montalti Avatar
    Michelle Montalti
    8/05/2022 - Google

    Friendly and efficient staff who went out of their way to help me. Wonderful customer service!

  • Jacob Parker Avatar
    Jacob Parker
    8/04/2022 - Google

    We are incredibly fortunate to have a place like this in our community. I ride the mountain bike trails in Bella vista nearly everyday and almost always end at the gear garden for a post ride beer. It’s an excellent place to hang out and grab a beer and meet people of a similar mind set. They have a good enough selection of beer, hard seltzers, and wine. The woman working the kiosk is a delight and it feels like a genuinely “local” hangout spot. They are open only in the late spring through early fall, and their hours are in the afternoon/early evening. Also, at least in summer of 2022 they have live music on the last Saturday of each month (weather permitting). If you’re ever in the area and looking for a nice place to enjoy a beer while being in nature, then make sure to stop here.

    Robby Deal Avatar
    Robby Deal
    8/01/2022 - Google

    Good beer choices, great outdoor setting that often has live entertainment.

    Marla Barina Avatar
    Marla Barina
    7/25/2022 - Google

    Nice woodsy atmosphere. Beers are very good! Wish it could offer some food and live entertainment more often than 1 Saturday a month.

  • Robert Kleinschmidt Avatar
    Robert Kleinschmidt
    7/18/2022 - Google

    Nice cool little spot for a ice cold beer after a MTN Bike ride. NO FOOD AVAILABLR. Really needs a food truck and I may never leave.

    Lynne Campo Avatar
    Lynne Campo
    7/01/2022 - Google

    Great place, there is a beer garden called Gear Garden, a kid's place area, paved trails, mountain bike and hiking trails. There is a creek and a small waterfall, and lots of caves.

    Parkyt Avatar
    7/01/2022 - Google

    Nice family friendly place to hang out at. Lots of bikers and trails to explore here!

  • Karen Beasley Avatar
    Karen Beasley
    7/01/2022 - Google

    This place is a neat little gem that we were invited to. We had no idea this place existed. Located at Blowing Springs in Bella Vista is a little camp site where just a couple step away is a cute little stand where beer wine and soft drinks are served. There are several tables and a pavillion as well. In additional there is a creek where you and thr kiddos can cool off. there were several people there hanging out so if you are looking a for a quiet spot this might not be the place for you at least on a Sunday evening but if you are out hiking or biking and want to stop for a drink or hang out this would be perfect.

    Steve Callahan Avatar
    Steve Callahan
    6/18/2022 - Google

    Very friendly place, glad it was there, we needed a beer!

    Bob Holman Avatar
    Bob Holman
    6/15/2022 - Google

    Fun place

  • Kurt Sanderson Avatar
    Kurt Sanderson
    6/08/2022 - Google

    Set up some hammocks on the side one afternoon. Nice shade and a cool breeze was perfect. There were people drinking at the beer at the beer garden and others grilling up for a party. The little stream is a nice sight and the waterfall is nice to dip your feet into.

    Rick Meyer Avatar
    Rick Meyer
    6/08/2022 - Google

    Nice place to relax and eat some lunch

    Shannon Fonseca Avatar
    Shannon Fonseca
    6/08/2022 - Google

    Just gorgeous!! We didn't actually get to experience the beer garden but hopefully next visit.

  • Jeff Stegeman Avatar
    Jeff Stegeman
    4/27/2022 - Google

    Excellent post ride spot to have a couple beers with friends. Close to Blowing Springs Park campgrounds.

    Laserman04 Avatar
    4/27/2022 - Google

    Good beer in a natural setting.

    Kevin Heston Avatar
    Kevin Heston
    4/20/2022 - Google

    Very cool place to have a microbrew!

  • Ben Love Avatar
    Ben Love
    4/13/2022 - Google

    Open for the season!Great selection from Bentonville Brewing, etc.Hills and Hollers is a great all around good anytime classic.

    John Carr Avatar
    John Carr
    4/13/2022 - Google

    Great spot to catch up with friends after a ride through Blowing Springs or Back40!

    Shahar Edry Avatar
    Shahar Edry
    4/06/2022 - Google

    Wonderful place for a break from hiking, biking, or whatever brings you to the woods.

  • sue wood Avatar
    sue wood
    4/04/2022 - Google

    Gear Garden was not open. Sat under a tree reading and watching everyone enjoying the beautiful day

    Grace L Avatar
    Grace L
    3/08/2022 - Google

    I went in with my girls and the store manager/owner? was so rude. She kept telling the girls not to touch this and that, not to walk near the glass even when I was right there and supervising. If children are not welcome, please take all the kites, wind blowers outside your shop down. The assumption is that you do welcome kids and their parents. I honestly had the intention to buy a glass garden ornament, but I wasn’t go to patron a shop like that.

    Adam Cunningham Avatar
    Adam Cunningham
    2/08/2022 - Google

    Awesome place, super friendly and one of a kind items.

  • Chris Watling Avatar
    Chris Watling
    2/08/2022 - Google

    Great store!

    Trifon Vais Avatar
    Trifon Vais
    1/12/2022 - Google

    Absolutely fantastic service across the whole board including delivery driver. Great range and price would highly recommend .

    Jodi Steinert Avatar
    Jodi Steinert
    11/14/2021 - Google

    Trails are meh but the beer garden makes you for it! Oh and ask for a green cup it's only like $1 more and they glow in the dark!!

  • Bev Enslow Avatar
    Bev Enslow
    11/14/2021 - Google

    Everything to love about this place except the days it is closed! Beautiful location, great beers. An awesome place to mingle out of doors with others. Trail access, a creek for kids and pets to play in. Close parking and right on the paved bike trail.

    Bill Ryan Avatar
    Bill Ryan
    11/14/2021 - Google

    Great spot to enjoy time in nature with friends, mtb and a nice selection of local craft beer.

    David Coleman Avatar
    David Coleman
    10/14/2021 - Google

    What an amazing addition to an already beautiful area. The gear garden is such a spectacular spot in Bella vista, I recommend everyone check it out

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